UCA Residents,
2011-2012 Lease Renewals are due back immediately. Hope everyone had a great spring break.

UCA Management

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18th Annual 2011 Doggy Dash

Join the Sacramento SPCA for the 18th Annual Doggy Dash and Bark at the Park Festival on Saturday, June 4th in beautiful William Land Park. An estimated 5,000 animal enthusiasts will gather both with and without their canine companions to raise funds for animals sheltered at the Sacramento SPCA. For 17 years, two- and four-legged participants have attended this event, creating a tradition in Sacramento and transforming Doggy Dash into one of the biggest "can't miss" events of the year!

Make sure to stay after the Dash for our Bark at the Park Festival, where you can enter your canine pal in the Pup Show, high-flying Disc Contest, or our ever-popular Pug Races! Visit with pet-friendly businesses, learn about Sacramento-area animal rescue organizations, or just have lunch while watching all the action.
Register today! Whether you choose to bring a canine companion or invite a two-legged friend, mark your calendar and join us for the Doggy Dash and Bark at the Park Festival and help make a difference in the lives of homeless animals sheltered at the Sacramento SPCA. Register as a solo participant, start a team or join an existing team.

Event Details

- 5K or 2K walk!
– Fifth Annual Pug Races!
– Pup Show! Ugliest Dog, best wag, best smile, best kisser, best tricks, most magnificent pup and more!!
– Pet-friendly businesses in Vendor's Row
– Demonstrations by Sacramento Police K9 Unit, Sacramento Flyball, Touch and Go and First Fun Agility and the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate "Disc Toss and Fetch" Contest
Schedule of events
Registration Opens 7:30am
Agility Dogs Demonstration 8:00am
Flyball 8:45am
5k & 2k Walk 9:00am
First Fun Agility Dogs Demonstration 10:00am
PUP SHOW - Most enthusiastic wag 10:20am
First Fun Agility Contest 10:30an
PUP SHOW - Best smile 10:30am
Sacramento PD K9 Unit Demostration
PUP SHOW - Best kisser 10:40am
PUP SHOW - Best tricks 10:50am
PUP SHOW - Look a like contest 11:00am
Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate Demonstration 11:00am
PUP SHOW - Ugliest Dog contest 11:10am
PUP SHOW - Costume Contest 11:20am
PUP SHOW - Best in Show Award
(winners of all Pup Show contests compete against each other)
Disc, Toss & Fetch Contest 11:30am
PUG RACES Heat 1 11:40am
PUG RACES Heat 2 11:50am
PUG RACES Heat 3 12:00pm
PUG RACES Heat 4 12:10pm
PUG RACE OFF 12:20pm

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The DJ program: Groove Universtiy DJing 1

Groove University´ is one of the few DJ programs associated with a 4 yr. university in the country! This class has received national notoriety, has guest lecturers like superstar DJ, DJ Q-bert, and is sponsored/supported by a number of the leading Pro Audio Industry corporations. This is the real deal...so, whether you just want to pick up some tips and tricks or you really want to see what the: Mobile DJ, Music, Nightclub, Radio industries have to offer you, you need to take this course! DJing 1: This class is the intro to the DJ program. You will be exposed to basic practical skills every DJ needs to develop for their own show! This class has lecture, lab and has a head instructor and TAs. We will talk about the various aspect of Club, Mobile and Radio DJing. Both business and technique will be discussed in lecture and then implemented in lab. Lab will focus on beat matching, music programing and turntablist elements (ie scratching). Most music genres will be addressed and we will have guest lecturers and DJs throughout the course. We will use both traditional turntables and CD turntables in the class. Most students say they need to take the Groove U class several times to get the most out of it.

For more info and class registration go to Experimental College

Monday, January 3, 2011

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Days


The Yolo County Central Landfill now offers Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-Off Days every Friday and Saturday, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Yolo County residents can dispose of their propane canisters, pharmaceuticals (non-controlled), fluorescent bulbs and tubes, cleaning products, mercury thermometers, paint, automotive products, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, used syringes, etc. for free at these events—see the attached flier for details. 

It is a violation of California state law to dispose of hazardous materials in the trash. This includes televisions, computer monitors, microwaves, refrigerators or other “hazardous waste” items such as fluorescent bulbs, batteries, automotive fluid, cleaning supplies, paint, etc. When dumpsters are emptied at the landfill, crews look for hazardous waste items that were thrown in. If they find these items in your dumpster, they WILL pull them out and they WILL charge you extra for it. 

Davis Waste Removal and the City of Davis are hosting a free electronics recycling event on January 15. The event will take place rain or shine 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Davis Waste Removal office, 2727 Second Street, Davis. Davis Waste Removal will partner with California Electronic Asset Recovery, recognized for its efficient recycling program, to recycle the electronics and give the proceeds to Davis Community Meals. Electronics can also be recycled for free at the Yolo County Central Landfill every day during normal landfill hours (M-Sat 6:30 am- 4pm, Sun 9-5).

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UCA Staff Contacts

Dear UCA Resident,

As we are already three weeks into the new school year, I would like to make sure all of our residents have the appropriate contacts for staff members here at UCA. For all maintenance issues, UCA maintenance supervisor / manager Peter Krzinsky will be notified. Also starting this week there will be maintenance requests forms in the clear box located on the front of the UCA office. Tenants will be able to fill out the form and put it into the mail slot right next to the UCA office door and the UCA maintenance staff will assess and resolve any maintenance issues ASAP.
After 7PM, UCA residents will contact Jonathan Goold, UCA night / weekend manager, for any none urgent issues i.e. locked out of apartment, package inquiries, parking issues, etc.
For all other issues UCA residents can contact Levon Gibson, UCA manager. Please do not contact me for any maintenance issues unless it is an emergency. Contacts are posted on the front UCA office window.

Levon Gibson
UCA Management

Monday, September 20, 2010

5 College Apartment Cleaning Tips

Keeping up with chores in a college apartment can seem impossible, when you’re living a busy life. The problem is compounded when you have a roommate, who has his or her own schedule, and has problems with cleaning as much as you do. Having different personalities and preferences for cleanliness can soon make sharing an apartment miserable. Follow these tips to help you fit cleaning into your schedule, and to clean thoroughly enough to keep yourself or your roommate happy.
1 - Pick a Day for Deep Cleaning
You won’t be able to do a thorough cleaning of your college apartment every day. It’s not a wise use of your time. A better approach is to set aside one day to do the “big stuff,” such as mopping, washing counters and dusting. Saturday is a popular choice for other apartment renters, but that might be the day when you have to work, or attend events on campus. A weekday may be a better option, and if you live with a roommate, try to find a day when you both can clean together.
2 - Spot Clean Throughout the Week
A kitchen timer or a stopwatch is a great investment to make for cleaning purposes. Buy one and use for spot cleaning the apartment. Commit to 10 minutes of cleaning per room at least once a day. Don’t go over your time limit in one room, because you may not have time to go the next room, or you’ll zap all of your energy by the time you get to another room. Set the timer, and clean what you can. Begin by picking things up off the floor and putting them away, and then move on to tidying up tables, chairs, couches and beds. You may need to dedicate 10 minutes just to organize paperwork and the mail. You can divide the responsibility of cleaning room in the college apartment with a roommate.
3 - Use Disposable Products During Exams
If you’re hand-washing dishes, by choice or because you don’t have a dishwasher, then you should consider using disposable products during midterm exam week and finals. You won’t have time to clean your apartment as much as you would during other periods, and the cleanliness of a college apartment can degrade during those busy times. Rather than have dishes pile up, which can attract flies and other pests, buy paper plates, bowls, cups and plastic utensils, just to see you through those extremely busy weeks. When things return back to normal, you can store any remaining items for the next busy period.
4 - Wash Once a Week
Doing small piles of laundry every day is not economical and it’s the worse way to approach this cleaning chore. There’s much wisdom in what your great grandparents most likely did, which was to set aside one day for washing. You should too. The wash will be a full load, which saves electricity costs, and your time.
5 - Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions
Commercial household cleaners can cost too much money, and the chemicals contained in them may have a negative impact on your health. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with vinegar, baking soda, borax and washing soda. For example, you can make your own homemade window cleaning solution using vinegar and water only. There are many homemade recipes that you can find on the Internet that will produce better and healthier cleaning results.
Having a clean college apartment helps to reduce stress, which any student can benefit from. Use these tips to keep your living space fresh and clean.
-Apartment Ratings

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear UCA Residents,
         With the new school year almost already here you will start to see some new faces around the UCA community. The UCA staff would like to welcome all the new tenants and let's make sure we introduce ourselves to one another in order to create a friendly and cooperative community.
         UCA is undergoing a lot of changes, the pool is in the process of being updated in order to be within compliance of the new  AB 1020 Federal law, and we are continuing to renovate units one by one. My maintenance staff is working diligently to make sure these renovations are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please excuse the mess and sounds of tile cutters, hammers, and drills that may be your 10 am wake up call. We very much appreciate your cooperation and be assured that the current UCA staff is dedicated to making UCA one of the best apartment communities in Davis.
       Keep an eye out for notices concerning the UCA Fall Welcome BBQ, all residents are welcome , as well as family and friends.

UCA Management
Levon Gibson

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UCA Move-Out 2010

Dear Residents,
   Once again it is that time of the year where students are hustling to find apartments, move their stuff and so on. For those of you who are no longer staying at the University Commons, our lease will end on August 31, 2010. In order for units to be properly cleaned for incoming tenants we would like to issue a 12:00 PM move out time. So please have all belongings out of the unit, as well as, have all cleaning done for inspections. If you are moving out before the August 31, 2010 and would like to schedule a time for an inspection and to turn in your keys, please feel free to contact the UCA office.

Thanks for your cooperation,
UCA Management
Levon Gibson